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About Us

Where we started

When all three banks closed in Camelford in rural North Cornwall, the landlord of the old NatWest building offered it to a charity for community use & the Old Bank team took up this project. In 2016, a core group of 4 volunteers and original trustees did a lot of the work, but we also had help from youth volunteers (thank-you NCS) and donations of advice, labour and materials from many other individuals & organisations.

Where We Are Now

Recently Camelford Community Larder has joined The Old Bank Camelford. The larder played a vital role in assisting the local community through the Covid-19 lockdowns with emergency food parcels. As we reopen, we are continuing the run larder events and having local groups and clubs hire the space. We have also received a grant fund from Defra which has allowed us to renovate the kitchen and offer cooking classes which enable people to cook healthy meals on a budget.

Our Trustees

Emma Cardoza

Hello, I am Emma and I have been a trustee of the Old Bank since October 2020. I’ve been running the Larder side of things since December 2019. I am a mum of 5 and have a huge passion for helping those in our communities. This is my first Trustee position and I’m absolutely loving getting to grips with things. I am the Chair of The Old Bank.

Claire Hewlett

Hello I'm Claire. I've been a trustee from the beginning. I felt it was so important for Camelford that the old bank building, in it's prominent position, was kept in use and what better use than a community space in the centre of town. My role within the organisation is that of Treasurer.

Tina McGrath

Hello, I am Tina and I have been a trustee of the Old Bank since April 2021. My background has always been working in children’s services either in the public, private or third sector. I have also been a trustee of HomeStart Kernow, so have experience of being a trustee. I have a passion for improving outcomes for children, young people, and families. I am the designated Safeguarding Lead for The Old Bank.

Harvey Symons

Hi I'm Harvey. I helped start off the renovations at The Old Bank with my NCS team in 2016. I've since joined as a trustee with one of my roles being IT support for the charity. I believe it's important for Camelford to have a community space that's available to everyone at an affordable price.